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Jyotish Course Online (Module 2)

If you ever wanted to Learn Astrology online, now is the time. We begin the Live Module 2 of our Jyotish journey on Jan 31st. This is one of a kind Jyotish Course online.

  • It is open to anyone who has a basic knowledge of the planets, the signs and the houses.
  • If you are an absolute beginner, you can still join this live course, you can download the pre-recorded version of Module 1 and get up to speed (
  • A lot of beginner astrologers are stuck and are not able to proceed to the next stage. They say they know the planets and the signs and the houses, now how do I do prediction?
  • The GOAL of this module 2 is become better at chart interpretation. These techniques will help you make the connection between the placement of planets in various signs and houses and what that really means in practical life. You will be on your path to provide Astrology Consultation to friends and family after this module.
  • The METHOD we will use is by analyzing the charts of famous personalities. We will analyze over 25 charts in this module. It is a very practical course. All the theoretical concepts will be explained with the help of real charts of famous personalities.
  • The SYLLABUS includes:
  • Planetary Aspects – both Parashari and Bhrigu Nandi Nadi aspects,
  • Bhavat Bhavam – how to analyze all the 12 houses wrt each other, not just from Lagna or Rising Sign
  • Retrograde planet – how to analyze the deeper meaning of retrograde planets, and
  • The planetary Yogas. When 2 or more planets have an influence on each other through various positions in the chart, they give very results which are not seen through individual placement of planets. We will learn many yogas, including Raja Yogas, Maha Purusha Yogas, Parivartan Yogas, Graha Yuddha, Kemadruma and many more.

Old students have taken that these courses in the past have said that these courses were life changing.

Even if you are an experienced astrologer, you will gain a lot of insights into chart interpretation. I will even say that even the best vedic astrologer might learn a thing or two if they join this course.

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