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Jyotish Āchārya Amit Garg

Namaste! I am a Software Engineer (IIT Kharagpur) & an MBA (USA) turned Astrologer, diving into the depths of Vedic Astrology with a scientific mind, modern outlook but traditional roots. Together, let us decode your karmic journey using this cosmic GPS known as Jyotish or Vedic Astrology.

Personal Consultations


Astrology Readings

COMPREHENSIVE Natal Chart Reading

Find your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (my signature SWOT analysis). How to enhance your Strengths? How to overcome Weaknesses? Walk away with powerful Remedies for all areas of life. Full guidance on Transits for next 12 months. Get your Questions answered. $200

Relationship Compatibility

Is this the right person for you? What are your areas of challenges as a couple? Where do you complement each other? In this Reading we look at Compatibility and powerful Remedies on how you can make your relationship work. $200

Birth Time Rectification

Discover your accurate birth time. If you are unsure of your birth time, this reading will help rectify it through a series of questions, ensuring your natal chart reflects your true self. Without an accurate birth time, you cannot get a natal chart reading. $200

Muhurata - Auspicious Time

Start your endeavors at the right time. Based on your natal chart, I’ll determine auspicious timings for important activities like buying a car, starting a job, or embarking on a journey. $200

One Question via Email

Seek quick answers to burning queries. Fill out the form to send me your yes or no question along with your birth details, and receive a response within 3 days. Get clarity and guidance right in your inbox. $51

Gift Certificate

Give the gift of insight to your loved ones. They can redeem a 1-hour reading for any service – Natal Chart, Relationship Compatibility, Muhurata, or Birth Time Rectification. $200

Discover Ancient Insights for Modern Living


Yoga & Jyotish Free e-Book

This unique book shows how you can tailor your yoga practice based on your personal horoscope. Dive into the fascinating study of astrology and gain a deeper understanding of how celestial bodies influence our lives and personalities. This eBook covers everything from the basics of zodiac signs to meditations  tailored to your Moon sign. Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge or begin your journey as an astrologer, this eBook will serve as Foundational  course in Jyotish.

Start your astrological journey today by downloading this free eBook!

Why Astrology Consultation?


Ever felt like life’s twists and turns are beyond your control? Do you feel stuck? Do you need to make some important decisions? Do you need guidance on your relationships? Do you want to prepare yourself for the upcoming transits by taking a peek at possible opportunities as well as threats? Do you want to find out potent remedies specifically tailored to your blueprint? Using Vedic Astrology, I decipher your unique Karmic Map—the natal chart—that unveils insights into your past life Karma and what it means for your present journey. It is like peeking into the cosmic playbook, where the Planets serve as messengers delivering your karmic results.

Why Learn Astrology?


Learn Vedic Astrology through mythology, through analogies and through practical application of concepts on charts of famous personalities. It gives me immense joy in sharing this ancient wisdom through my courses. Vedic Astrology gives us tools needed to establish a deeper connection with the Universe. My courses will empower you to discover yourself and then you can help other people discover themselves. I make astrology simple. I make astrology practical. I make it fun and accessible. Come join me on this profound life-changing journey.

Life Changing Stories

Discover inspiring life-changing stories from my clients and students. Hear firsthand accounts of transformation and success, showcasing the power of astrology in shaping lives.

What My Clients Are Saying



Highly Insightful And Encouraging!

Amit is a very talented astrologer whose reading was insightful and thorough. I truly enjoyed his explanations and the answers to my questions. The reading gave me encouragement to continue on my career path and to be hopeful for significant and positive changes in the near future


Baltimore, Maryland, USA

A Must For Astrological Clarity!

This is my second time receiving an astrology session with Amit, and I couldn’t be more pleased! Amit not only explains the specifics of your birth chart, he provides various practices that enhance your mental and emotional health and well-being. I really feel like Amit has my best intentions at heart, and you can feel his genuine passion for Vedic astrology. I highly recommend a session with Amit!


California, USA

Amit's Guidance Is Invaluable!

Understanding the details of my chart made me realize that I am indeed on the right path for my well-being. Amit’s explanations of my personality traits and appropriate career paths based on planet placement within houses was so accurate it shocked me. He has so much knowledge that flowed deeply in our reading together and I walked away with pages of suggestions. He answered all my questions plus more in one reading and gave me the clarity I needed to fine-tune my dream career.


Wyoming, USA

Motivated And Reassured!

My consultation with Amit ji was incredible! He provided deep insights into many of my questions regarding my path, which gave me a lot of motivation and reassurance. He identified the reasons behind my obstacles and offered effective remedies. Additionally, Amit ji revealed opportunities in areas I was previously unaware of. I walked away from the consultation feeling enriched, and upon further reflection, I discovered even more valuable insights. It was an amazing experience.

Shaan Sharma


Inspiring & Passionate

My first impression of Amit ~ inspiring and passionate. Something intuitive about him. The chart will speak to him as he looks at it, and in this resonance, he tunes into this karmic map, as he calls it. What a perfect name. And integrates - connections, complexities, depth, compassion and wisdom, in a loving kind hearted way, as he leads you on this journey thru your own past, present, and future. A convergence of all times and places, all simultaneous, into the present moment.He is kind hearted and willing to answer any question and also give you practical remedies, elegant and simple to amplify the positives of your chart, and bring balance to other aspects, if needed.I found the entire experience to simply be joyful. I consider him a brother of light, and felt nothing but joy and satisfaction from his reading. He is a blessing. And there is a positivity. Nothing fearful or negative about the reading. It was only inspiring, activating, and motivating.He brought radiant light to this karmic map through his heart and lens.He may recommend a gemstone or not, but actually he is the gem.


California, USA

Great Reading

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the insightful astrological reading you provided. Your detailed analysis and thoughtful interpretations were incredibly enlightening and have given me much to reflect on. Your expertise and intuitive understanding of the planetary influences in my chart have provided me with a clearer perspective on various aspects of my life. I truly appreciate the time and effort you put into preparing and delivering such a comprehensive reading.Thank you once again for your guidance and for sharing your knowledge with me. I look forward to applying the insights you've provided and to potentially seeking your counsel again in the future.Warm regards,

Unnati Patel


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    Our foundational courses are perfect for beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike. Dive into the fascinating study of astrology and gain a deeper understanding of how celestial bodies influence our lives and personalities. Our comprehensive course covers everything from the basics of zodiac signs and birth charts to advanced techniques in interpreting astrological symbols. Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge or begin your journey as an astrologer, our free jyotish foundational  courses provides the foundation you need.

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Yes, I provide various types of one-on-one private consultations. Please check out the Consultation page.

    Yes you will receive a Video recording of the consultation the same day of the reading.

    I follow the Sidereal zodiac. This is different from Western (Tropical) zodiac. Sidereal zodiac is Observable, Real and Accurate representation of planets in constellations.


    Currently we have 2 LIVE courses going on: 1) 24-week in-depth Level 1 Course, 2)  9-week Nakshatras Course. You can purchase a recording version of these courses. Once you purchase these courses, you will be able to watch all classes on our learning portal after you login. Next batch of Live version of these courses will begin in Oct 2024.


    My courses are easy to understand. My philosophy is that if you cannot explain something to a 5 year old child, then you do not know enough about the subject. My presentations and slides are very clear and visually very interesting and full of useful information.


    Yes, even the most experienced astrologer will learn a few new concepts. I combine Parashari and Bhrigu Nandi Nadi techniques which work based on my 15 years of practicing astrology.


    Yes. Send us an email and we will figure out.

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