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Venus in Purva Ashadha

Qualities of Venus:

  • Venus is known as SHUKRA in Sanskrit. Shukra is the SEMEN, the veerya, the male potent energy, the energy that creates life.
  • Venus is PLEASURE and PASSION and ROMANCE and flirting.
  • Venus represents love, romance, arts, music, dance, gourmet food. Venus represents all the things we enjoy in life.
  • Venus is also the planet of HEALING.
  • Deity of Venus is Shukra Acharya. He was the Guru of the demons. He was the only one who had the knowledge of bringing the dead people back to life. This was known as Sanjeevani Vidya, the knowledge to revive people.
  • Venus also represents beauty, beauty products, beauty parlors, luxury resorts and spas.
  • Venus represents FINANCES, Banking.
  • Venus represents PARTNER for male natives.
  • Venus rules the SOUTH EAST direction.
  • For female natives, Venus represents womb and OVARIES and sexual organs.
  • Venus represents VEHICLES.
  • Venus represents ENTERTAINMENT and related industries.
  • Deity for Venus is GODDESS LAKSHMI.

Nakshatra of Purva Ashadha is entirely in the sign of Sagittarius. It spans from 13 deg 20′ to 26 deg 40′ of Sagittarius. Here are qualities of Purva Ashadha:

  1. Symbol of Purva Ashadha: Each nakshatra has a specific symbol. The symbol represents the essence of the nakshatra. The symbol of Purva Ashadha is the tusk of an elephant. Elephant is a might animal. And the tusk of an elephant is the jewel or most significant or prominant organ or we can say prized possession. Tusk signifies the power and strength to overcome obstacles.
  2. Connected with Writing. The elephant’s tusk is connected with Ganesha breaking off one of his tusks and writing Mahabharata with it. So this Nakshatra is good for writing projects etc.
  3. Meaning of Purva Ashadha is early victory. This nakshatra gives victory through determination.
  4. Ruling Planet as per Vimshottari Dasha: Each Nakshatra has a ruling planet as per Vimshottari Dasha system. Venus (Shukra) is the ruling planet of Purva Ashadha. This gives all the finer qualities to this Nakshatra: beauty, creativity, sensuality, arts, music, dance, gourmet food etc.
  5. Ruling Deity: The deity of each nakshatra is the energy and consciousness behind that Nakshatra. Apah, the water deity, is the deity of Purva Ashadha. Apah is all about purification and flow and cleansing and quenching the thirst.
  6. Inherent Nature: Purva Ashadha nakshatra is classified as a Ugra or fierce Nakshatra, this means it is a very determined and powerful nakshatra. It is also considered a Chara (movable) Nakshatra. There is a lot of action.
  7. Primary Motivation: The primary motivation of Purva Ashadha is Moksha, which refers to spiritual liberation or enlightenment. They are driven by a higher purpose and a desire for spiritual growth. This is in fact the underlying theme of Sagittarius sign as well.
  8. Positive Traits
  • Determination: Individuals with Purva Ashadha Nakshatra prominent in their charts are known for their strong will and determination.
  • Harmonious Leadership: The influence of Venus brings a harmonious and creative aspect to their leadership qualities.
  • Artistic Skills and Aesthetics: Venus’s influence brings artistic and creative abilities.
  • Challenges
  • Stubbornness: The strong will can lead to stubbornness, and individuals may find it challenging to change their views once formed.
  • Intensity: The fierce (ugra) as well as movable (chara) nature of Purva Ashadha may sometimes manifest as intensity, which could be overwhelming for others.

ARIES Lagna (Rising) or Rashi (Moon sign):

  • For Aries sign, Venus will be in the 9th house in Sagittarius.
  • Love for travel. You may like to travel for pleasure or for seeking higher wisdom. There may be quest to learn about other cultures or even related to food i.e. culinary travel. Acquire deep esoteric kowledge. Harmony and balance in belief system. You may use diplomacy when it comes to spiritual practices and religious beliefs. You may want to develop harmonious relationships with teachers or gurus or with their sangha. These relationships may be mutually guided by respect and based on shared values.

TAURUS Rising (Lagna) or Rashi (Moon sign):

  • For Taurus sign, Venus will be in the 8th house in Sagittarius.
  • Very intense relationships. There may be change and transformation in relationships. There may be a lot of passion in relationships, possibility of steamy relationships. Also possibility of hidden secrets when it comes to relationships. Either those secrets will come to surface or there may be a lot of new secrets which will be created or given birth to.
  • Deep interest in esoteric wisdom and healing. Venus with Shukra Acharya as its deity is the only planet which has the knowledge or vidya to bring dead people back to life. Venus in 8th house is fearless when it comes to learning about very deep even secret methods of healing.
  • You will approach the mystical learning with an aesthetic mindset. For example elaborate rituals such as drum circles in the middle of forest at night, decorating the altar in a very elaborate manner etc.
  • There may be emotional healing through relationships – there may be personal transformation and sort of rebirth through relationships.
  • There will be very deep interest in psychology and therapy and counseling.
  • Manage joint finances or money from other people or from in-laws. You may develop new financial partnerships. Focus will be on shared resources. You may enter into joint financial venstures. You may also experience financial transformation through relationships!!
  • There may be tendency to enjoy finances in a secret manner. You may have the. urge to secretly spend on luxury items etc.
  • REMEDIES: stay vigilant with your finances. Be very ethical and pure and honest when it comes to relationships.

GEMINI Rising (Lagna) or Rashi (Moon sign):

  • For Gemini sign, Venus will be in the 7th house in Sagittarius.
  • You are seeking harmony in relationships. It is as if the sign of Libra is activated.
  • Possibility of artistic partnerships. You may develop partnerships around arts, music, dance, or even food and enjoyment.
  • Tendency for being possessive in relationships. Venus or shukra likes very deep intimate one on one partnerships.
  • Artistic collaboration with personal or business partners.
  • Strong desire for relationship and for marriage and for procreation.
  • CAUTION: you have to balance your personal needs with the needs of other people, especially the needs of your partner.

CANCER Rising (Lagna) or Rashi (Moon sign):

  • For Cancer sign, Venus will be in the 6th house in Sagittarius.
  • Get satisfaction by serving other people. There may be love for helping and volunteering.
  • Seek harmony at work place. If you have a 9 to 5 job or you work for someone, you will seek peace and harmony at your work place. You will act as a negotiator in difficult situations.
  • Artistic expression and creativity in daily routines and work habits. You may turn your “boring” routines into something very interesting and appealing and artistic.
  • Focus on well-being and health and maintaining a very good lifestyle. There could be interest in deep healing modalities and counseling and therapies.
  • Socializing with the co-workers. You may organize dinners or get togethers with work colleagues.
  • This may be a time to find some artistic jobs. In the field of arts, dance, music, architecture, interior decoration, food, hospitality etc.
  • CAUTION: you may need to find work life balance. There has to be a balance between professional duties and personal enjoyment.

LEO Rising (Lagna) or Rashi (Moon sign):

  • For Leo sign, Venus will be in the 5th house in Sagittarius.
  • Abundance of creativity and artistic pursuits. There may be a love for arts, dance, music, cooking etc.
  • Romantic and playful nature. You may be inclined to be more playful and will have the urge to find a romantic partner. You may also look for playful partners.
  • Desire for Children. You may have a strong urge to either have children or spend time with children. If you are a parent, you will enjoy the responsibilities of being  parent, it will be a joyful activity for you.
  • In your romantic relationships and love affairs, you will prefer aesthetically pleasing settings or partners who appreciate art and beauty.
  • Interest in pleasurable activities, enjoyment, leisure.
  • Deep interest in performing arts such as singing and acting and dancing. Self-expression through performing arts. You will love to go on stage and perform.
  • There could be interest in love games and flirting and too much excitement and pleasure seeking in romantic relationships.

VIRGO Rising (Lagna) or Rashi (Moon sign):

  • For Virgo sign, Venus will be in the 4th house in Sagittarius.
  • You want peace and harmony at home. You want your spouse and parents and kids all live in harmony and have a loving relationship.
  • Aesthetic and pleasing home environment. You love interior design, you love to create a perfect visually appealing home environment. Home decor will be the theme. You will be very creative in beautifying your living space.
  • You will seek emotional security through family bonds and especially in your relationship with your mother. You will also provide emotional safety to your family members and you may take on the role of a caretaker.
  • You will enjoy having dinners and cooking with your family members. Food and dining experiences at your home will bring joy to you.
  • You may enjoy romantic dinners at home with your partner. You may turn your home into a very intimate and aesthetically appealing setting.
  • You may have interest in investing in real estate or buying luxury properties or financial investment in real estate especially in beautiful homes.
  • You may develop a strong bond of love and affection with your mother. You may enjoy cooking together with your mother.

LIBRA Rising (Lagna) or Rashi (Moon sign):

  • For Libra sign, Venus will be in the 3rd house in Sagittarius.
  • Very diplomatic and charming communication style. You want harmony and peace. You are very skillful in communication. You know how to convey things in a very appealing manner. Artistic endeavors such as creative writing or beautiful language in communication.
  • Harmonious and affectionate relationship with siblings. You may do artistic activities with your siblings.
  • Great for learning artistic skills.
  • Fruitful short journeys. You may travel say within the city or town to make peace, to bring harmony or get things done in a very diplomatic manner. You will enjoy socializing with people in your short trips.
  • You will value developing a social network.
  • 3rd house represents parakram or courage. With Venus in 3rd house this means your main tool for conflict resolution will be peace and harmony and arts and food.

SCORPIO Rising (Lagna) or Rashi (Moon sign):

  • For Scorpio sign, Venus will be in the 2nd house in Sagittarius.
  • Focus on financial stability, attracting wealth through artistic pursuits, prudent management of family wealth. You may use pleasant and persuasive language in financial negotiations and interactions.
  • Sweet and affectionate and charming speech. Good for delivering speeches, organizing webinars.

SAGITTARIUS Rising (Lagna) or Rashi (Moon sign):

  • For Sagittarius sign, Venus will be in the 1st house in Sagittarius.
  • Charming and graceful personality. You have a natural attraction and ability to attract other people. You exude a sense of beauty and sophistication. You have a very pleasant demeanor. There is artistic self-expression.
  • Aesthetics is very important. You want everything to have an artistic touch.
  • Develop a harmonious relationship with yourself. Learn to love yourself.

CAPRICORN Rising (Lagna) or Rashi (Moon sign):

  • For Capricorn sign, Venus will be in the 12th house in Sagittarius.
  • Tendency for hidden love and relationships. You may like to keep your relationships secret or private or hidden.
  • You may prefer solitude and spend time with yourself or in a retreat.
  • You may find love in a foreign land or you may enter into a relationship with a foreigner.
  • Giving nature. You love to give donations and helping others.
  • You may let go of attachments in relationships.
  • Learning healing modalities that focus on sub conscious mind or astral travel.
  • CAUTION: be careful not to spend too much on luxury items.

AQUARIUS Rising (Lagna) or Rashi (Moon sign):

  • For Aquarius sign, Venus will be in the 11th house in Sagittarius.
  • Social charm and magnetism and ability to attract a lot of friends especially on social media. You have mass appeal. You are very popular. People like you very much. You can easily connect with a diverse range of people and stakeholders.
  • You bring aesthetics and artistic sense into social groups and social settings.
  • You may find love and romantic relationships through social gatherings.
  • You can be a spokesperson for a cause.
  • You could be an event planner and social event organizer.
  • You develop a lot of friendships and relationships very easily.

PISCES Rising (Lagna) or Rashi (Moon sign):

  • For Pisces sign, Venus will be in the 10th house in Sagittarius.
  • Interested in a career in arts, beauty, luxury items, fashion, design, music, aesthetics, interior decoration, cooking, banking, entertainment.
  • Very graceful and tactful and charming at your workplace. You will have good public image.

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